Different phases of erection of 150 MW Ganz-Danubius boilers at «atalagzi thermal power station

The second 150 MW block of this power station was supplied by an international consortium led by Transelektro

& Turkish Electric Authority (TEK), 1987-90

Turn-key project of 150 MW Catalagzi B2 Thermal Power Plant. For contracting and construction a consortium was formed from the following firms: Transelektro as leader, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Siemens, Etmas and Kutlutas. Overall engineering and design: ER’TERV-ERBE, Budapest, Hungary. Steam generating unit (coal-fired): Ganz-Danubius Boiler and Machinery Works Ltd., Budapest.

Main technical data: The boiler is single reheat, natural circulation. Rated output: 480 t/h. Steam temperature: 535/535 oC. Steam pressure: 135/37 bar.

Turbine and auxiliaries: Supplied by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Nagasaki, Japan. Reaction type condensing steam turbine with sea water condenser. MCR: 157.34 MW. Feed water preheating in six steps.

Generator and auxiliaries: supplied by Mitshubishi Electric Company, Kobe, Japan. Rated apparent power: 188 MVA. Rated active power: 159.8 MW. Rated terminal voltage: 15 kV. Measurement control and instrumentation: Supplied by Siemens/KWU, Karlsruhe, FRG. Electrical erection and electric switchgears: Supplied by Etmas, Istanbul, Turkey. Civil work and erection made Kutlutas, Ankara, Turkey. Main transformer delivered by Ganz Electric Works, Budapest, Hungary. Rated power: 180 MVA. Ratio: 161/15 kV. Cooling: OFAF.

 Erdogan Tan 2004 - Above images & info copied from TRANSELEKTRO (Hungary) document