One day a young couple where having sex in a park and where caught by a police officer. The couple denied that they where having sex. The only witness was a homeless man, who saw the whole incident.

When the court date came, The judge called the homeless man to the stand and asked what he saw the night of the incident.

The homeless man said, "Your honor I saw these two people in the park fucking."

The judge replied "Did you just say the word 'fucking' in my court room? That's disrespect and contempt and that'll cost you two days in jail!"

Two days later he called the homeless man back to the stand and asked him again, "What did you see this couple doing on the night in question?"

The homeless man said, "I already told you, your Honor, they were fucking."

"There's that WORD again. Now you get three days in jail!" And off the poor homeless man went.

Three days pass and the homeless man was back in front of the judge. "I'm going to give you just one more chance. Tell me what those two were doing that night! And do it without ANY foul language!"

The homeless man thought for a second and said, "Your Honor, his pants were around his knees, his balls were swinging in the breeze, his you-know-what was you-know-where, and if that ain't 'fucking', well you can give me the chair."