PATARA 2000 images by Erdogan Tan

Patara Theater [ September 2000 ]


The harbour, in the shape of a (lagoon) is now submerged under the sand, cut off the sea and now a swamp. However, in the ancient times Patara was an important city. Heredot mentions Patara in the 5th century B.C. The city, which surrended to Alexander was captured in 315 B.C. by Antigonos, 304 B.C. by Demetrius when seized by Ptolemaios II, its name was changed to Arsineo. In the second century B.C. it was one of the cities of the Lycian League entitled three votes. During the Roman era, the Lycian provincial Governer carried out his juridical duties from Patara. Emperor Hadrian (117-118 A.D.) and his wife Sabina stayed in Patara for a time. St. Nicholas of Father Christmas fame was born there.

Known an important trading city Patara city was also a famous soothsaying center of ancient world. While Apollo's soothsayers practiced their trade in Delos during the summer, they moved to Patara in winter. The temple to Apollo which was supposed to have been built there for this purpose by the emperor has never been discovered.


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