Following Visual Basic (5.0/6.0, VB.NET) Source Code and Programs are available:

NOTE: SKORLOTO 2006 will be presented with Real Basic 2006-2 program and source code. All of other programs are VB 5.0/6.0 programs with source code. (SKORLOTO 2006 COMBINATOR will be developed by using Real Basic 2006-2 compiler. SKORLOTO 2006 source code will be Linux, XP, MAC OS portable/compatible. MAC OS version will not be presented but it will be possible to derive MAC OS X version of SKORLOTO by using linux or windows version of the REAL BASIC 2006-2 source code. SKORLOTO 2006 COMBINATOR and SKORLOTO 2006 QUANTUM and SKORLOTO 2006 GROUPER will be separated/individual programs in additition to SKORLOTO 2006 RANDOMIZER. User will be able to use them together with same data files.)

If you also want to download x86 ASSEMBLY programming language samples and documents:
../trdos/specs.html (operation system programming)

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